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We seek perfection in innovation and creation and we consider our clients as critical and educated.

Under the direction of the designer Alain Lalou and our team from the world of luxury and culture, our website offers a variety of fashion services.

We create bridges between these various services to create a synergy that contributes to perfection.

We analyze a large selection of magazines and trend services. We « perceive » our time through its sociological, cultural, economic aspects and… its revolutions to express its evolution.

A forge of ideas and creativity with user friendly services. A team, of which each member has flexibility, passion and a desire to satisfy.

Creations and collections by Alain Lalou: a glimpse on our creativity and services for the creation of exclusive collections including :

  • EDOM, the reverse magazine, a unique virtual magazine concept to surprise, inform and visualize a excellent representation of our creations for women who want to be dangerously seducing and forever pretty.

  • Coaching for wearing: a service for personalized luxury fashion.

  • Wedding: Wedding site.

  • Women’s prêt-à-porter (cocktail, casual, sportswear, lingerie, beachwear, jewelry and handbags).

  • Men’s prêt-à-porter (casual and sportswear).

  • Hackers Jeans for Men and Women.
  • Uniforms for industry.
  • Colors and fabrics: Discover the particulars of each color and the importance of fabrics.
  • Conferences : the quality of our analyses, our professionalism and the access to numerous sources of knowledge.
  • Internships in Paris: Two-month training to learn from Alain Lalou
  • Lalou fashion e-learning : our Internet creation course for future designers and for those who have chosen fashion as a means for personal expression.
  • Consulting for creative management.

  • Gallery : the interconnection between fashion and contemporary arts
  • Lalou Talents Club, a meeting area for the fashion and design members and enthusiasts.


PI expresses the constant ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter. It expresses irrationality and transcendence in line with all forms of creativity. We conceive PI as the symbol of the constant ratio between the imagination of a creator indefinitely stimulated by knowledge and his works.

nombre pi

PI is an infinite number. It is impossible to express it by simple logic, like any work of art. Much like PI, we feel our possibilities are infinite.